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Beautiful Flowers, also trading as Isobel Cowley, are now located in Bream, Gloucestershire. In the flower world, "Isobel Cowley" is a renowned name; before the 2nd World War the lady ran floral premises and built a substantial client base. The business bears her name and continues to do so, even after 70 years! She married a salesman from the Covent Garden flower market and moved South of the river. Older customers have said that Isobel had an allergy to hyacinths - the spring blooms must have had mixed feelings for her!
In the late 1970's, shop was owned by "Raymond House of Flowers" along with other locations in Central London. Through greater travel & wider experiences, the public have come to demand the highest quality, a good selection of blooms, varied presentations of chosen flowers that are unheard of in former times.
In 2010, we have moved to Bream, Gloucestershire where we continue to provide fast and efficient delivery of wide range of fresh flowers to local community.
As a "go-ahead" business, we cater to these needs. Advertising has done much to awaken people's floral appetite with todays colours and displays.
A younger generation fully take on board the significance of particular blooms, colours and arrangements. That's why, even though we have been in the business for a long time, we try to bring the latest floral fashion and designs to an every day customer.
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